Many people have said the Phillies need a right handed bat and the prize of this year's Trade Deadline is RF Hunter Pence of the Houston Astros. The Stros are one of the league's worst teams and are looking for a lot in return if they did trade Pence. One of the latest rumors heard was reported by Buster Olney that the Phillies would prefer to structure a deal around Vance Worley to get Pence. Worley has been one of the best surprises of this season as he has really done a great job this year filling in for Roy Oswalt. Worley is 6-1 with a 2.02 ERA. Pence is batting a .316 with 11 homers and 61 RBI's. Now whould I love to have Pence, of course I would, what team wouldn't love to have this guy. He's great at the plate, great in the field, and he's a hard nosed player. But in my opinion, Worley is too valuable a piece to give up. Roy Halladay isn't gonna be this good forever, him, Oswalt, and Lee are getting up there in age. Cole Hamels is basically our only young starter besides Worley. I leave Kendrick out of this because I doubt he'll be in the rotation next season. Anyway, guys like Worley, Jarred Cosart who looked flat out amazing in the Futures Game, and Trevor May should be off limits at this point. People complain about the offense, truth is, they haven't been that bad. Yeah it's not as good as we're used too, but did you really expect them to keep up the play they had in 06,07,08, and 09? Howard, Utley, Polanco, Rollins, and Ibanez are all showing signs of slowing down a little. Not to mention the days of 12-10 games are long gone with the pitching in the league today.

So what should the Phillies do this Trade Deadline? I say go get a guy like Heath Bell to solidify the pen. Antonio Bastardo has done an amazing job as closer for this team, but it'd be nice ot have a true shut down guy to close the game out. Even a guy like Mike Adams also from the Padres would be nice. Although if we were to trade for Pence, there are plenty of guys who are there to trade. Jonathan Singleton is a guy who's path is blocked by Ryan Howard at first base, another guy would be Matt Rizzotti who's path is also blocked by Howard, Rizzotti is suited more for the AL but if Houston wants him, I say let them have him. Now one guy who a lot of Phils fans would get on my case for saying we should trade, is Domonic Brown. Brown has done basically nothing this year and although has show small flashes of greatness, it hasn't been enough. Brown is a guy who looks like he just doesn't have the fire to play the game, so what do you do? Trade him, he's got a lot of talent no one doubts that, but does he care right now, who knows? So why not trade for one of the better players in the game. Whatever they do this Deadline, Vance Worley, Jarred Cosart, and Trevor May better still be apart of the Phightin' Phils.