In the past decade the Phillies have had 3 different General Manager's, Ed Wade, Pat Gillick, and the current GM, Ruben Amaro. Wade and Gillick had the strategy of building a team through the draft and small signings instead of going after big name players like Ruben has done in his tenure as GM. Now while we love the fact that Ruben is willing to do whatever it takes to get players like Hunter Pence, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, ect. Is it really worth risking the future for guys most likely in their 30's who might or might not win you a World Series? In my eyes, no.

The 2008 championship Phillies were built primarily by Ed Wade with Gillick putting in the final pieces to make the Phillies the best in baseball in 08. The entire infield was a farm system product with the exception of Pedro Feliz, the outfield was led by 1998 1st overall pick Pat Burrel, Shane Victorino, a pick up in the rule 5 draft, and Geoff Jenkins/Jayson Werth. The rotation was led by Cole Hamels the Phils 1st round pick in 2002, Kyle Kendrick was another home grown player, Joe Blanton a minor pickup at the deadline who paid off big time, Jamie Moyer a deadline pickup in 06, and Brett Myers, another home grown player. What Wade and Gillick did brought a championship to Philly and ended the 28 year drought. While Ruben got close in 09 falling just 2 games short, it's gone one step down every year after.

In 2010 the Phillies fell 2 games short of the Fall Classic defeated by the eventual champs the San Francisco Giants. And this year as we all know, unable to make it out of the first round after winning the most games in the history of the franchise. The Phillies change from an offensive powerhouse to maybe the best rotation we've seen in baseball since the early 2000's Oakland A's. Have they had regular season success? Yes, without a doubt. In the post season though, not so much. It's pretty obvious this team's window on the chance to win a title is closing and especially with an improving NL East.

What I think Ruben needs to do is start building for the future, this team isn't getting any younger and with how injury prone guys like Utley, Rollins, Polanco, and Howard are becoming, you might need your top prospects sooner than you think. The rotation is getting up there too with guys like Halladay and Lee. They need to keep guys like Trevor May, Freddy Galvis, Roman Quinn, Jiwan James, Jesse Biddle, and Sebastian Valle. Time is running out for this core group of Phils, and this might be their last best chance to win another title. As always though, I'll support these guys, it's still the best era in the history of the team. LET'S GO PHILLIES!!