Ever since John Mayberry Jr., came back up from AAA Lehigh Valley, he's been on fire and has made a case to lock up the spot in left field next year should the Phillies not re-sign Raul Ibanez who is currently going through a groin injury. In July Big John hit .300, 3 homers, and 14 RBI's, in August he's turned it up a notch batting .326, 6 homers, and 15 RBI's. One of the biggest factors in Mayberry's recent success is him changing his stance at the plate.

Now some may ask, what about Domonic Brown, or even what about Raul? Here's why Mayberry should get the job over those two, starting with Raul. First of all, Raul isn't getting any younger, now while he's put together a decent season overall, Raul is a very streaky player. We've seen him be as hot as a player can be at times this season, and then about as cold as a player can be. Raul's production has dropped off a lot since 2009, his first season in red pinstripes, and factors to that are injuries Raul has had, but in the end, he's just not putting up good enough numbers in my eyes, to beat out a young and more athletic John Mayberry.

Now for Dom Brown. We all know how good this guy looks like he can be, he's a tall and athletic player who has shown flashes of greatness at times, the problem is, there have been very few flashes. In 54 games Brown only hit .246, 5 homers, and 19 RBI's. Mayberry has only played in 23 more games than D-Brown and has a 23 point higher average, 7 more homers, and 22 more RBI's. One thing I also noticed while D-Brown was here this year, to me, it never looked like he had the fire in him, that will to do well. Mayberry on the other hand, went to the minors, didn't complain, worked hard, and got himself back up to the majors and has contributed in a big way. Brown hasn't impressed either in AAA this season, only hitting .265 currently with 3 homers and 14 RBI's.

Big John I think deserves that starting job next year, he's shown that he has talent since he's got here in 2009 and now the Phillies are finally taking notice at how good he can be. Domonic Brown has just not shown enough flashes of greatness to deserve that #1 job and Raul is simply too much of a risk at this point especially with his latest groin injury. Brown will most likely be one of the September call-ups, if he can turn it on in September, and possibly make the post season roster should the Phillies make it (only August people, too soon to think we have it made) and he does well in the playoffs, then maybe I'd be for a platoon between him and Big John next year. But as of right now, Mayberry deserves that job next year. LET'S GO PHILS!