Honestly I have no clue. In case you are reading this and don't know the Rolen vs Phillies saga, here's a recap of his career with the Phightin Phils. Rolen was called up in 96 in September and did a good job for the Phils and was later Rookie of the Year with a great 1997 season. Rolen was the centerpiece in the Phillies long term project to get back to the postseason and try and get the baseball passion back in Philadelphia. Scotty captivated the Phils fans with his outstanding defense and his all out style of play. In 1998 Rolen seemed to have cemented himself as a star in the league hitting 31 dingers and hitting a .290 while driving in 110 runs. Rolen had another strong year in 1999 but had his first injury shortened season of his career. Even with his injury he still managed to put up decent numbers. A .269 average, 26 homeruns, and 77 RBI's. Now while Rolen was putting up these numbers the rest of the team was floundering. The Phils were staying around .500 most of the time up until the second half of the year in the 98 and 99 seasons. There wasn't much protection for Rolen at that time, the only stars the Phils had at that time were really Rico Bronga, Curt Schilling was really the only good pitcher they had, Doug Glanville turned in solid seasons in 98 and 99, Mike Lieberthal was great in 99, and then finally Bobby Abreu. Now while that seems like it should be enough to maybe get a team to the post season minus the pitching situation, but it wasn't. The Phils were young and inconsistent at most times. In 2000 the Phils seemed prime to finally make that next step with Pat Burrell ready to come up and with some pitching moves, instead, 2000 was one of the worst years in team history. They lost 97 games and Rolen was once again hurt during the season. Not only that, the Phils ace Schilling wanted out and got his wish, he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla (not one of Ed's smarter moves obviously). Rico Bronga struggled tremendously and the Phils had brought up Burrell to replace him. So going into 2001, with a new manager Larry Bowa, a rookie shortstop in Jimmy Rollins, a question mark at first in Travis Lee, a second year player in Burrell, most Phillies fans didn't expect much for the 01 season. Boy were they wrong, the Phils got off to a hot start and were clicking on all cylinders even with no true #1 starter. But Robert Person really came up big for the Phils that year, he had a breakout year and showed just how good he could be at times. When Mike Lieberthal tore his ACL it didn't look good for the Phils with rookie Johnny Estrada coming in to catch, but he did a fine job and the Phils kept rolling. Rollins was perfroming great, and Rolen, well he was healthy and back to form playing some of the best baseball of his career.  The 01 Phils battled and battled up until the very end but just came up short of stunning the Braves to take the division crown. Just an interesting side note from 01, it was the first year of the rally towels for the Phils. During the series in September with the Braves after 9/11, the Phils brought out the rally towels for the first time in the second game of the series I believe. The Phils seemed ready to make the playoffs in 02 but before the season started Rolen wanted to test free agency in the off season instead of signing a long term deal with the club then. Rolen never ruled out not re-signing with them, which leads to the point of this article, why the hate? You have to look at his situation, he was the star player on that team approaching his prime and it didn't look like the Phils were ready to get back to the post season with the 02 season debacle and the Phils seemed unable to get any big FA with the market they were playing in at the time. I understand that Phils fans are mad he didn't stay, but I must ask you, please, look at the situation he was in, he wanted a chance to win and obviously it was better in a lot of places besides Philly.