Despite guys like Juan Castro having held brief starter status due to injuries, I'm going to focus on guys who are currently with the club after rosters expanded to 40:

Would require an injury:

Brian Bocock: Despite how fun it is to say his last name, even an injury to Rollins would probably not be enough to get this guy some postseason burn.  His 3 at bats this year only pale in comparison to his 80 CAREER at bats.  Non factor.  However, I guess if Valdez and Rollins somehow got hurt, there is nowhere else to go.

John Mayberry, Jr.: Lets be honest, he isn't even a 3 outcome guy because he doesn't walk.  A career .227 hitter, the Phils would likely have to lose one or both of either the backup outfielders or righthanders of the bench.  His 5 home runs in 66 career at bats tell most of the story.  The 26 strikeouts tell the rest.

Paul Hoover: So, Hoover has the same job every year.  Come up in September or when one of the catchers get hurt.  That will be his role.  If he comes up, Brian Schnieder will likely get the starts.

Probably not:

Greg Dobbs: Dobbs is a guy who is unfit for a pinch hitter role despite his success in 2008.  He's great when getting regular at bats because he's a decent hitter.  But that doesn't look to happen any time soon.  Yes, he hit .301 in 08, but he only hit .247 last year and .194 this year.  Don't be foolishly loyal Charlie, leave him at home.

If they go with 6 bench players:

Domonic Brown: The Demon will probably be on the roster in the first round where the Phils can send only the 3 headed ace monster on normal rest all series.  If he is the 6th bench player on the ALCS or World Series, that will give us a hint if Manual is going to pitch the 2 Roys on short rest.  The lefty is a future stud, but hitting just a touch over .200 will relegate him to swing role.

The locks:

Brian Schieder: You need a backup catcher and he's done an admirable job this season.  Yeah, he only hit .235, but an OBP of .335 is solid for a guy that will be the last pinch hitter and only play if Chooch gets hurt.

Ross Gload:  This is the Phils guy in important pinch hit situations.  A .280 average and 22 RBI in only 125 at bats, he's been great in high leverage situations.  He's in.

Mike Sweeney:  Congrats to Mike for his first taste of postseason.  Not only did he play when Howard was hurt, but he's a righty off the bench, probably one of only 2.  He only hit .255 this year but he's a .297 career hitter with 215 home runs.

Wilson Valdez:  The most popular guy in the clubhouse, he's been what they expected Juan Castro to be.  A career .235 hitter, he's hitting .255 and has played great defense.  He also has 7 of his career 11 stolen bases this year.

Ben Francisco: Even though he shit the bed in the playoffs last year with an 0-fer, he's  hit .271 this year and you get the feeling that the lights will be a little less bright for him in his second go round.

I don't get the reason for Kid Rock to sing about the Phils, but this is still a pretty cool highlight of the season even if the song is lame: