Why did I choose this picture?  Look at the guys in the picture and you'll start to see where I'm going with this.  Geoff Jenkins.  Pedro Feliz.  Eric Bruntlett. 

The Giants won with great starting pitching, most notably an unhittable ace (Tim Lincecum ala 08 Cole Hamels), and dominant closer (Brian Wilson ala 08 Brad Lidge), and timely hitting from unsung heroes (Juan Uribe game 6 NLCS winning home run; Edgar Renteria Game 6 World Series winning home run ala Matt Stairs Game 4 tying home run in NLCS and Pedro Feliz Game 5 World Series winning single).  They even closed out each series before an all or nothing Game 5 or 7.

So while it does sicken me to see slow, aging, Pat Burrell win a second World Series ring, I don't think the best team won.  Like YEARS of Athletics teams that had Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, and Mark Mulder, the best pitching doesn't always win, but the Giants had a heck of a stable of arms.

Pretty sweet shot: