Over the last month it looked as if Chelsea was taking itself out of contention. After being beaten badly on Monday, 3-1 by Arsenal, Chelsea was on a six game skid without a win.  The home fans were expecting a win over Bolton on Wednesday and Drogba and company finally delivered.  Malouda scored a goal in the 61st minute, but Chelsea was hardly convincing in the win. Bolton had many chances but just could not convert.  It is high time that Roman Abramovich thinks about next steps for this aging club.  They are now 4 points back of Manchester United and Manchester City, but Manchester United has a game in hand.

Manchester United gave up a terrible late goal on Tuesday to Birmingham in the 89th minute.  A late swing from just above the left corner of the 18 found its way over to Zigic who managed to control the ball with his forearm to an open Lee Bowyer who poked it past Van der Saar.  Zigic not only could have been called for a hand ball but was also clearly impeding Ferdinand with his arms all over Ferdinand's shoulders and it was questionable by the referree to not consider Bowyer off sides.  It was a perfect storm that led to the equalizer for Birmingham and deprived Manchester United of a much needed away win.  Throughout the game, Manchester United set the pace but there were few strong opportunities for them.