Finally we hear the words we've all been waiting for since Spring Training, Chase Utley is coming back. The Phils 5 time all star second baseman is set to return on Monday or at least sometime this week, which is huge news for the Phillies offense. Domonic Brown just came back on Friday and played his first game yesterday against the Rangers. The offense is finally getting some players back, now the question becomes, can they perform? Well even though Dom went hitless in yesterday's game against the Rangers no one really seems to be worried and for good reason. It's only his first game back and he will have plenty of time to get it going. As for Utley, well just his presence will be good for this ballclub. Simply because now Ryan Howard isn't alone really in this lineup as a key threat. Chase fouls off a lot of pitches which tires pitchers and gets them out of games quicker to help the Phils. It will also affect on how pitchers will pitch to Phillies batters with guys like Brown and Utley back in the lineup. Chase has played all of his rehab games with the Clearwater Threshers and has performed ok, he's played all 9 innings during the past few games and that's huge when dealing with the type of injury Chase has. It's almost hard to remember at this point when was the last time Chase wasn't hurt, but what's amazing is, his performence has been incredible over the years. Even with playing hurt for most of 2010 he still hit .275 with 16 homeruns and 65 RBI's, definately not typical Chase numbers but still pretty good considering how he played hurt most of the year. Chase has poured his heart and soul into playing for the Phightin Phils and has always hustled every play out. Chase has been injured during the 07, 08, and 10 seasons. But in 2 out of those 3 years he still put up great numbers. In 2007 when rookie John Lannan broke Chase's hand with a pitch, Chase was out till August and only was able to play in 132 games. He still batted a .332, hit 22 homeruns, and drove in 103 runs. In 2008 Chase got off to one of the best starts in Phillies history, he was hitting a homerun almost every game it seemed like. He struggled at the end of the year with a hidden hip injury nagging him. He still hit .292 with 33 homeruns, and 104 RBI's. His defense has also been great making great play after great play with that signature glove hand flip which he has mastered. Who knows how he will perform when he returns, but most people think that just his presence will help the ballclub and I agree completely. LET'S GO PHILS!