The stats giveth and the stat head taketh away.  Shane Victorino won his third straight gold glove, one of only 6 Phils to ever win 3.

The stats like UZR don't like Victorino but love Chase Utley.  The gold glove really is a farce that reward reputation more than actual production but this is one that I don't think can be quantified.  Those of us who watched Shane are just plain shocked when he doesn't make a play.  He gets a good jump, runs everything down, and had a cannon for an arm that baserunners are wary to run on.  *Remember, his outfield assist throwing a runner out at home in 2008 in a May game in Atlanta kept Brad Lidge's perfect season in tact.  I love Utley, but when I watch him and Shane play and you ask me who the elite fielder is, eyes don't lie. 

There needs to be some new protocol for the gold glove.  Derek Jeter is slower, has less range than ever, and has a noodle for an arm these days.  Yet somehow, he won the gold glove.  However, nothing was a bigger farce than Bobby Abreu winning it in 2006 after being afraid to go near the wall following Aaron Rowands face plant injury. 

Ho hum, Vic steals a homer: