What more can you possibly say about this guy.  The incredible stats just keep on piling up such more starts made this season than walks allowed.  Oh, and it was the second time in his career he did it making him one of only two pitchers with that statistical distinction.

He's the first pitcher in history to have no-hitters in both the regular season and the postseason as well as only the second no-hitter ever.

Only 4 balls even left the infield.  8 strikeouts.  One walk.  104 pitches.  This was quite possibly the best Phillies moment ever that didn't involve winning a world series.  I don't even know what to write because words can't adequately describe what we saw tonight.  It was the 22nd time the Doctor won for the Phillies this season.  Was this guy being wasted in Toronto or what?

The Phils offense jumped out early before going to sleep, no doubt focusing mostly on defense.  They knocked out starter Edison Volquez after 2 innings and change.  The big hit was delivered by...Roy Halladay.  His 2 out single scored a run and gave the Phils a 2-0 lead which was swiftly followed by a 2 run Vic single.

The Phils be off tomorrow but how does the other Roy do anything to match up for an encore?  The first pitch is 6:07 but I have a feeling there is going to be a quick hook for Bronson Arroyo as well.

Tonight, is what makes the playoffs great.  The SECOND EVER postseason no-hitter and we saw it. 

Yes, there is already video: