A night after a 4 run 9th capped off by a Werth walkoff home run, the Phils take a 4 game lead on the Braves with only 11 games to go. 

Cole Hamels was just filthy again on a night when he locked up his 12th win of the season.  Saving the bullpen by going 8 strong, Hamels struck out 8 and only allowed 7 baserunners.  Hamels ERA is down to 2.93...the lowest he's ever finished as season was with a 3.09 the year they won the world series.  Hamels has 207 strikeouts in only 202 innings.  Lidge came in to close the door with his 24th save, striking out 2. 

At the plate, the Phils would collect more walks (6) than hits (5) but the best performance might have come from the Big Piece who was without nary an RBI.  He reached base 3 times, including a double and 2 walks, causing the Braves problems all night.

The Phils will look to throw another shovel of dirt on the Braves division hopes when Roy Halladay looks to give the Phils a 5 game lead with only 10 to go tomorrow night.

Even though it was against my man Revis, how badass is this one-handed catch?  Notice he never actually tucks it: