Tonight, the Phillies take on the Reds in game 2.  Will Roy Oswalt also throw a no-hitter?  Probably not.  However, armed with his new Dubee inspired change-up, he could go for the shutout.

The Reds remind me of the Phillies in 2007 and Brewers in 2008.  Those teams had such a long playoff drought that just getting to the playoffs felt like winning the World Series.  We saw this when the Phils stormed the field on Brett Myers strikeout of Willy Mo Pena.  The Reds are back in the playoffs for the first time in 15 years and are likely to be swept out.

To counter Roy Oswalt tonight, the Reds throw Bronson Arroyo, akin to us throwing Kyle Kendrick against the Rockies in 2007.  Although he won 17 games, keep in mind, he gets to face the crappy central teams for most of the year.  His playoff experience with the Red Sox is probably his greatest asset making it less likely he'll become rattled.  However, I expect at 4 runs off of him.

First pitch is 6:07.

Not sure I like the music, but its still a pretty sweet highlight reel: