I loved this performance.  You know why?  None of it mattered. 

Roy Oswalt threw 5 innings and 66 pitches.  Very efficient.  Enough to keep him sharp but also enough to give him proper rest for the playoffs.  We then saw 4 guys come in and sit down the Nationals they saw in order.  The most encouraging peformance of the night was by Antonio Bastardo who struck out 3 batters, including a righthander.  This could be a serious development as this team has one achilies heel, its the lack of lefty specialist.  Might not matter with our aces going 7 strong every night and Madson/Lidge forming a near unbeatable duo in the final 2 frames.

At the dish, Charlie did a good job of resting some regulars.  Jayson Werth, Carlos Ruiz, and Shane Victorino each got the night off.  I'm sure Raul, Chase, and Ryan are next.  The game even saw the surprise return of Jimmy...to the leadoff spot.  Hopefully Cholly will put him #7 in the lineup when the postseason rolls around.

Joe Blanton gets his tuneup start tomorrow.

I hope we're headed for this again: