The phils drop the first game of the NLCS and a familiar theme played a big role in this one.  No, not the missed called strike 3 on Burrell but the resulting play: DEFENSE.

The biggest play in this game came when Pat hit a deep fly ball to Raul Ibanez.  Although he wasn't charged with an error, he should have been.  He jumped for a ball that could have been caught by easily standing in front of the wall.  This allowed a run to score and the inning continued.  Bruce Bochy smartly replaced the slow footed Pat the bat with Nate Schierholz who scored easily on a single up the middle.

This wasn't Roy's best game.  He gave up 8 hits over 7 innings, including 2 home runs to number 8 hitter Cody Ross.  Yes, I know Ross has been hot, but he's still the guy hitting in front of the pitcher.  If he's so scalding hot, pitch around him and get the pitcher out.

The Phils were not without their chances in this one as Tim Lincecum was far from dominant (by the way, he looks 6 years old).  However, going 0-4 with runners in scoring position and failing to cash in on great chances like Ryan Howard's leadoff double will always kill you in a short series.  Howard blew a great chance as well when there were runners on second and third.   However, his lack of discipline doomed him when he swung at pitch that was sailed of the umps head.  Tiny Tim is too good a pitcher to swing at out of the strike zone fastballs knowing you'll be flailing with 2 strikes at his off speed stuff.  It also doesn't help that Rollins has just a single hit in the entire postseason.

Tonights 8 pm game becomes a must win.  Roy Oswalt MUST outpitch Jonathan Sanchez.  You can't go back to San Francisco down 0-2 with Matt Cain on the mound.  The Phils must be patient tonight.  Sanchez allowed 96 walks during the regular season, so you cannot let him get away with swinging at pitches obviously out of the zone.

I can't decided if the best about this is that the anchors are laughing at him or none of his teamates give a shit: