The problem with a short series is that small problems get magnified and decisions are broken down even further with only 4 teams left.

Coming into this series, many believed that Bruce Bochy's tendancy to over-manage would be a decided disadvantage.  Well, Charlie has been a step behind him all series.  He took a full game more to make offensive changes.  He decided against pitching Halladay on 3 days rest only to use Oswalt out of the bullpen on 2.  This is why you have a closer.  Use the guy.  Don't worry about not having anyone to close out the 10th when you end up not getting there in the first place.

Every starter had a hit so its tough to place blame on any one spot in the offense despite another round of wasted at bats that could have better been served moving runners over or making some sort of productive out.  Ryan Howard had the best game as he continues to get on base at a 50% clip.

As for the pitching, we don't have half the bullpen the Giants do and it showed.  Yes, we got the run off Romo but you got the feeling that we were more overmatched than they were.

This is the time for the pitching to shine.  You want to show off your 3 aces?  They won't beat 4 of a kind which is what the Giants hand will show if any of the H2O is less than dominant.  Any more than 2 runs allowed by either the Roys or Cole is not going to cut it.  3 aces isn't always the formula.  Ask Billy Beane who had years of Hudson, Zito, and Mulder.

It always seems like hockey players are fighting fans: