This is part of why I write a blog.  Its a total blast to just try and put raw emotion into words, the best times being a chance to celebrate history like Roy Halladay this year.  This is the other side, being able to rip decisions and a total lack of effort today.

Cole clearly wasn't as sharp as his game 3 mastering of the Reds.  However, he didn't pitch badly, just not good enough to keep a stale offense in the game.  His biggest mistake of the day was walking Pat Burrell.  This is a guy we all know well.  He takes walks.  With a man on second and the hot Cody Ross behind him, go after the guy.  He's not hitting anything and is in the midst of one his unbearable cold spells.  He only allowed 6 baserunners in 6 innings and struck out 8.  But the majority were in the 2 innings when the Giants scored, carrying a no-hitter into the 4th.  Contreras was great and had lots of movement to keep the Phils w/in one swing distance.

At the plate, Charlie needs to do something.  Ibanez not only doesn't have a hit, but he looks lost.  His final swing cost the Phils 2 outs.  Move him down and bench him against lefties, especially with Bumgardner pitching tomorrow.  He needs more to work with boys.  6 baserunners in 9 innings is not going to do it.  I know they got squeezed by the ump, but come on, make something happen.

The big question now is: who pitches tomorrow?  If you go with Blanton, you are walking a tight rope with a guy who was hot and cold this year and hasn't pitched for weeks.  Listen, you went out and got halladay b/c he can pitch on 3 days rest.  Let him go and if you tie it up, then maybe consider Blanton.

Amazing that stickum: