Last thing any Phillies fan wanted to hear, another player going on the DL. This time it's Shane Victorino who most recently was voted into the MLB All-Star Game by the Final Vote on Victorino suffered his sprained thumb against the Blue Jays after tripping on the astro turf in Toronto. Shane will obviously miss the upcoming series with the 2nd place Atlanta Braves starting tonight (maybe). Another injury today was to the Phils 3rd baseman Placido Polanco. Jim Salisbury has reported that Polly has a bulging disk in his back, but there is no news on how long Polly will be out except that he'll be out for tonight.

Shane's injury isn't really a big deal, it's only a sprain and will heal with rest, Polly's on the other hand, one of the toughest injury to deal with in baseball and maybe all of sports. If you rush him back it could hurt him even more and his production will go even more down. What I'm hoping and what they SHOULD do is just let him rest and possibly go out and acquire a 3rd baseman at the Trade Deadline. There really isn't anybody out there, but the Phils still could do some shopping around if they're uncomfortable with Valdez playing 3rd assuming he takes over there. After the placement of Shane on the DL, Pete Orr, who was with the team earlier this year, was recalled from the Phils AAA affiliate Lehigh Valley Ironpigs.

There really aren't any bright sides to these injuries, but if there are any, it's that they came right around the ASG Break and it will be easier for guys like Polanco and Shane to rest up without missing too many games. These injuries most likely mean only 3 Phils will be going to the ASG, but maybe that's for the best. The last thing this team needs is the ol' injury bug to act up like it did so many times last year. Hopefully the Phils handle these injuries well unlike they did last year by rushing guys like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back too soon, Shane is having another great year for the Phils and while Polanco has struggled of late, has still put together a solid season. So please don't rush these guys back ok Phils, please.