I remember talking with my best friend about all the walk off the Phils were having in 2008 and he kept calling them a team of destiny, that they wouldn't lose and would probably win the World Series.

I remember thinking the same thing when I attended game 162 that season (incidentally, it was the only time a foul ball was hit to me and I fell over the seat in front of me trying to buy my sister water ice).  We were playing the Washington Nationals and our team had guys like Matt Stairs and Greg Golson playing.  We blew the Nationals out of the water even though we had nothing to play for.  This is what we're watching this weekend.

The Phils have nothing to play for at this point.  The Braves are playing for everything.  With a chance to clinch against a team that beat them for the division over a week ago, the Braves have been outscored 18-5 in two games.  This team is hitting its stride at the perfect time, as always.

This team looks like it is ready to rock.  Vegas has them as the favorites to win the World Series and, really anyone who's seen them play over the last two months, would have to agree.

As a side note, Vance Worley, looks like he could be ready to contribute next season.  Another good start, 5 shutout innings, lowered his ERA to 1.38 on the season.  Antonio Bastardo, who collected the win, has probably pitched himself onto the postseason roster, especially considering our lefty bullpen arm issue (Romero has a 1:1 K/BB ratio).

To be honest, the Phils can take down anyone, but I'd rather face the Padres and their meager offense with an injured slugger than the Braves.  What a crappy way for Cox to go out.

Very cool pre-season video: