In this dismal 2012 Phillies season they've been without two key players for most of the year, all star second baseman Chase Utley, and the big man, Ryan Howard. Utley has already comeback and now it's time for the Phils slugger to take the field in red pinstripes once again. After a heartbreaking loss to the Mets last night, if the Phils season wasn't over already, last night might have been the backbreaker. Now while the Phils haven't been fun to watch this year at all really, at least there's something to look forward to tonight with arguably the best first baseman the Phils have ever had. After blowing out his achilles in game 5 of the NLDS last year, Howard is back, hopefully though, not being rushed back.

In 2010 when Howard sprained his ankle, it seemed like GM Ruben Amaro and the Phils rushed back their slugger who at the time, was on pace to maybe hit .300 for the first time since his MVP season of 2006. After coming back though from the sprained ankle, he wasn't the same hitter, and struggled a bit the rest of the way. Howard looks like he'll be on a similar playing schedule to Utley, play 2 in a row, rest a game, and repeat. The last thing the Phils need is Howard getting hurt again so they need to be extra cautious with their cleanup hitter.

In my opinion, he should've just cameback after the All star break, just give him the few days off and make sure he's definitely ready to be back in Philly, now with all of that said, it's great to see Ryno back in the bigs. He's been personally one of my favorites and I've defended the man religiously even through the tough stretches, he should be greeted with another standing ovation from the Philly fans as one of the greatest sluggers the franchise has ever had comes back with his team 10 games below .500. Do I think he's gonna save the team? Not at all, but am I glad to see him back? Hell yes I am.