The Phils did their best to beat one of the Brave's phenoms while the other one did in the Phils.

I'll start off by saying what anyone who follows the Phillies knows: Ryan Madson cannot close.  He has never succeeded in the role in any of the many years he was given the reigns.  He simply doesn't have the head for it.  Put him back in the 8th where he dominates and give someone else the chance until Lidge comes back.  Madson's ERA this season, being used in the closer role (this includes the 9th in a close or tied game and other high leverage situations, not just the "3 run save rule") is 7.71.  He walked Chipper on 4 balls that weren't close and he gave up a 2 run shot to Troy Glaus.  He then gave up the game tying homer to Jason Heyward.  Jose Contreras gave up the game winner to Nate McLouth (hitting .167) on the year.

You need to take advantage of games like this.  Division rival who is the most likely to challenge the Phils and you get a gem out Kendrick (only 6 base runners in 8 innings) and you blow it.  This one hurts.

Halladay hopes to shut down the Braves tomorrow at 7:05.  Tim Hudson will throw for the Bravos.