Kyle Kendrick.  This guy drives me nuts.  While he does mix in his fair share of good performances, his bad ones seems to occur more frequently.  His trashy performances are more trashy than Anna Benson.  He gave up 5 earned runs in only 4 innings and, had there not already been September call-ups, would had destroyed the bullpen today.  I know he's on the 5th starter and a 4.89 ERA is good for a cheap 5, but still, this guy always seems to kill the momentum and he just can't get lefties out.  The home run he gave up to Prince Fielder in the first was hit a mile. 

At the dish, the Phillies continue to struggle to score runs, although you could see this coming a mile away with Wolfy on the mound.  As long as this team is built the way it is, and I'm not saying its wrong, they will struggle against lefties, especially crafty ones.  7 hits is not going to cut it in a 9 inning game.  However, Chase continues to show he is not effected negatively by lefties, going 2 for 4.

The Phils fail to gain ground on the Braves who lost in extras and will look to rebound tomorrow for a day game against the Marlins at 1:05.  Roy Oswalt takes the mound, looking for win number 11.

Lastly, since I didn't post about last night's game, Roy Halladay won his 17th game of the season.  The last time a Phils starter won 17 games in a season?  Jon Lieber in 2003.

I love anything that makes fun of Brett Favre: