That was the worst start the Phillies could possibly have begun the second half of the season with.  They were never truly in that game, even though they held the early 2-0 lead.

This is exactly why it scares the crap out of Phillies fans to entertain the thought of Jamie Moyer as a starter in the playoffs...if we make the playoffs.  Jamie was just plain smoked.  This was a horrible start for a team coming off a long rest.  You need your starter to go more than 3 innings and allow less than 6 earned runs.  Jamie's ERA is now creeping back up toward 5 on the season and his record dropped to 9-9.  Contreras was equally as putrid, allowing 5 earned runs and only getting 2 outs.  At least Chad Durbin had a succesful return.

Hoping that last night's pitching was an aberation, we hope the complete opposite is true for the offense.  The way this team has hit this season, 6 runs seems like an explosion.  Ryan Howard had a monster game, going 3 for 5 with 2 home runs (19) and 4 RBI (69...69, ha ha!).  His average is now a shade under .300 for the season and here is to hoping this is the start of the second half power surge.  Funny how people think he's having a down year because he's on track for 127 RBI.  Even better, it looks as if Placido Polanco will be back in time for the weekend series. 

The Phils are now 5.5 games back of the Braves and hope to rescue the series with a win today at 2:20 when Joe Blanton (fat shit) takes on Ted Lilly.  The guess here is that if Ted Lilly dominates, the Phils trade for him this week.

This is just creepy: