Wow.  What else can you really say about this Phillies team.  The clinched with 5 games to go after clinching a playoff spot yesterday.

Roy Halladay was simply brilliant.  The extra day off did him wonders.  His 21st win of the season is the most since Steve Carlton won 23 in 1982.  He only allowed 2 hits in 4th shutout of the season.  Remarkably efficient, Halladay only threw 97 total pitches while striking out 6.  The funny thing is, Halladay, who is now 21-10, would be 25-4 if the Phils had only scored 4 runs in all of his starts.  With everything clinched, its time to get the young guys in the bullpen some burn.

At the dish, Polanco, Werth, and Ruiz were terrors all night going a combined 9-12 with 4 runs scored and 6 RBI.  Jayson Werth was especially nasty with his 26th home run of the season and 4 more RBI raising his season total to 83.  If it seemed as if he just had somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 something RBI recently...he did.  He only had 66 on September 2nd or 16 RBI this month (12 in his last 13 games).

The funny thing about this division title was how easy it seemed at the end.  It is easy to forget this team was 7 games back in late July and are now 6 games ahead...a 13 game turnaround in 2 months!  Even crazier is considering how this rotation has improved in each of the division winning years.  2007 our number 2 was Kyle Kendrick, a guy who some don't feel belongs on the roster, much less the postseason roster.  In 2008, Joe Blanton was our number 2.  Last year: Pedro!  Now, with H20, it almost doesnt matter.  You could start Cole or either of the Roys and you'll get a great performance.

The Phils play...well, anyone they want tomorrow.  I guess we'll see the regulars twice more at most. 

Also, a shoutout to Donald for calling me out for not posting for a few days in a row.  If you need a defense attorney, he's your man.

Video of clinching the NL East title last year: