Kentucky Joe...we hope you show...when its time to the playoffs (couldn't think of anything that rhymed to finish that off).

Joe Blanton had a great start.  If there is anyone who will be getting the ball besides the big 3 in the playoffs, Joe is it.  I doubt he does since we'll most likely see the studs on 3 days rest but I can see being up 3-0 in a series and letting him try to close it out.  7 innings and no earned runs was enough to give Blaton his 9th win on the season and lower his ERA to 4.74.  Funny thing about Joe: since getting destroyed by the Red Sox to the tune of 9 earned runs on June 12th, his ERa has dropped almost 3 full runs.  His ERA for the last 2 months: 3.03.

At the plate, Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins were the only starters to play...if you still consider Jimmy a starter.  This night, however, belonged to the bench player: Mike Sweeney, John Mayberry, Jr., and Ben Francisco combined for 4 home runs, 6 runs, and 7 RBI.  Francisco was a terror himself with 2 slamma lammas giving him 6 for the year.

The Phillies are off tomorrow and then will face the Braves for the final series of the year down in Atlanta.  If I know Charlie, he wont' want to decide the playoff fate of the West wild card team and we'll probably see a full squad on Friday when Kyle Kendrick goes for win #11.

I know I SHOULDN'T think this is funny...but I do: