Just how horrible is the Phillies offense right now, well last night pretty much described it, the Phils only got 1 run off of Cardinals starter Jake Westbrook who came into the game with over a 6.00 ERA. Now people will say, "Well just wait till Chase Utley comes back and we'll be fine." but at some point, you have to think this is beyond Chase not being in the lineup. With Jayson Werth now gone, the Phillies don't have a big bat in the lineup after Ryan Howard. The Phillies lineup right now looks like this right now, not in order:

SS Jimmy Rollins

3B Placido Polanco

1B Ryan Howard

2B Wilson Valdez/Pete Orr

CF Shane Victorino

RF Ben Francisco/John Mayberry

C Carlos Ruiz

LF Raul Ibanez

Now on paper it looks like a decent lineup minus RF and 2B, except Raul and Carlos aren't performing. Raul has struggled for really the past two years now, I've questioned the decision of the Phils signing Ibanez ever since they signed him. Now I'm not questioning Ibanez's ability overall, but facts are facts, he's getting up there in age, and he's not the hitter he was with Seattle or witth the Phils in the beginning of 09. As for Ruiz well, who knows. Maybe he's not fully healed from his injury yet, or maybe last year was a bit of a fluke hitting wise. Not saying I don't like Chooch because I do, he's my second favorite catcher in Phillies history, but he's not getting it done at the plate right now, and with the way the lineup is, we need all the production we can get. As for the 2B issue....what can you say. Valdez has struggled and Orr has as well, neither of these guys are starting 2B caliber, they're bench players filling in for Chase. With RF, Francisco has been a huge disappointment, he hasn't performed well at all, and Mayberry is just starting to see more playing time now. This lineup isn't performing well, and it's not gonna get better tonight either probably, with no one really as a major threat besides Howard, the Cards can afford to pitch around him considering how well he performs against them. Hopefully our offense can get it going soon and turn it around. LET'S GO PHILS!