Well Cole Hamels didn't exactly get off to the start he wanted to last night against the Mets, at all. Hamels allowed 6 of the 7 Mets runs in a horrible 2nd inning which Cole didn't get out of. But before everybody starts the Cole hate. Let's take a look at the hits that the Mets got. Bloopers, broken bat hits, all the cheap hits. Now I'm not saying Cole had his best stuff because it was obvious he didn't, but it wasn't completely his fault. And let's remember that it was cold, and there were 25 mph wind gusts. Not really the best baseball weather by any means. Not to mention the only run the Phillies could muster against Mets pitcher Chris Young was a RBI double by Placido Polanco. Now most people would probably say, "It's Chris Young, the guy sucks, YOU HAVE TO BEAT HIM!" Well not necissarily, while Young hasn't had that great a career against the Phillies, he was just a few years ago part of a dynamic 1-2 punch in San Diego with him and Jake Peavy. Both pitchers though have fallen off with shoulder troubles. Young only pitched in 4 games with NY last season. But Young had a very good spring and is showing flashes of his old dominant self. Now people might wonder why this guy is so good, he doesn't have a blazing fastball, he doesn't have any nasty stuff really, so why was he so good in San Diego? It's because he's deceptive, and because of his long stride. After hearing this on the Phillies game last night, apparently some research was put into Young's delivery. Because of his long stride toward the plate, his 86-89 fastball seems more like a 90-93 mph fastball, which makes a huge difference if you're facing him. Ok now onto tonights game, Joe Blanton will make his 2011 debut and try and show everybody he's a good pitcher too, Blanton will face right hander Mike Pelfrey. In his last start Pelfrey only went 4 1/3 innings against Florida and gave up 5 runs. The Phillies will look to grab their 4th win of 2011. The Phillies lineup will look a little different tonight as well, according to MLB.com Pete Orr will make his first start at second base and Brian Schneider will start behind the plate for the first time as well. So hopefully the Phils can pull out a win tonight and even the 3 game series at 1, LET'S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!