Yes, baseball fans. We are that much closer to Opening Day and I can almost smell a World Series triumph for the Phillies (too cocky? Come at me!).

The Phillies defeated the Astros yesterday, 7-6. Although they came out on top, Cole Hamels was on the mound for the Phillies and came out shaky.

He gave up three home runs and pitched just 3 2/3 innings.

There was a minor argument at the plate that was between Hamels and David Hall/Carlos Lee, but afetr they game Hamels spoke that it was no big deal.

Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino came up clutch in the third inning, both recording RBI doubles.

The Astros almost snagged away a win from the Phillies, but couldn't seal the deal.

Even though Hamels had a rough outting, Phillies fans should not worry about it. Hamels is fine and can't wait for this season, just like you.