Blanton was rocked by the Phils rocked back.  A 9 run seventh inning was just enough for a win in the end.

Joe Blanton was unable to continue his hot run as he gave up 3 home runs, 6 total rusn, and 4 earned in just over 4 innings.  Chad Durbin getting blown up (can't say I have issue, guy has been consistent all year) led to a tenous last couple of innings.  Holds by Romero and Contreras led to a shaky Lidge save that saw an unearned run cross the plate.  He now has 19 on the year.

Tons of firewords at the plate tonight.  Homers by Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, and Chase Utley was a welcome sight.  For howard it was number 25 and Chase's 6 RBI gave him 49 on the year.  But the real offensive star in my book (I know, Utley hit the slam that provided the margin for victory) was Jayson Werth.  He went 3 for 5 with his 19th home run and 64th RBI but more importantly, he scored 3 runs.  He provided the pop and was the catlyst and is now batting .297 on the year.

Wow, what a great win.  The Phils return home tomorrow night to take on the Brewers at 7:05 as Chris Capuano takes on Cole Hamels.  A Braves loss brings the Phils to within 2 of the division and with the Giants off, strengthens their hold on the Wild Card to 2 games.

One of the funniest scenes in Family Guy history: