Well, we certainley learned 2 things tonight.  One, Jimmy Rollins is made of glass this season.  Two, there is a very good reason Nate Robertson has been cut twice this season.

Cole Hamels was spectacular...again.  This time, its as if the Phils were saying "sorry for all that crappy run support, he's a 10 spot!"  Speaking of 10, Hamels picked up his 10th win of the night and only allowed 5 total baserunners in 7 innings.  His ERA for the season sits only a shade above 3.  As for Nate Robertson, if this guy muddles a 10-0 lead, you should probably just cut him and bring up some other rubber armed schmuck. 

As for Jimmy, he left with an apparent leg injury that is now being called hamstring tightness.  He looked pretty upset in the dugout.  I can't imagine him not spending time on the DL.  They Phils are pretty well positioned to make the postseaon, might as well make sure he is right. 

As for the rest of the offense, the 10 runs were impressive.  More impressive however was the Phils lefties hitting a lefty pitcher, Andrew Miller, with good breaking stuff.  Howard, Utley, and Ibanez went 7 for 12 with a home run, 4 runs scored, and 8 RBI. 

The Phils still hold a slim lead over the Braves as they whipped the Pirates.  Tomorrow the Phils will travel to the Big Apple to take on Mets and young stud pitcher Jenry Mejia, ranked as the 56th best prospect in all of baseball coming into the season.  Roy Halladay looks for win #19 on the season.

Feeling nostalgic, Harry's last home run call: