So the Nets decided to hire Billy King.  Gotta love a guy who ran the sixers team into the ground.  Some of his highlighted trading moves:

12/19/2006 - probably his only good trade, even if he waited YEARS too long, he sent Allen Iverson to the Nuggets for Andre Miller, Joe Smith, and 2 first rounders.  He got what he could at that point but he waited until he HAD to trade him and probably got 60 cents on the dollar.

6/29/2006 - traded Thabo Sefalosha for Rodney Carney and $1 million.  Now, is Thabo a superstar?  No.  But he can certainley lock down opposing teams top scoring options.  This is a good role player traded an 11th guy off the bench who almost never plays.

2/25/2005 - traded Glen Robinson for Rodney Rodgers and Jamal Mashburn.  Was the Big Dog finished?  Probably, but a guy scoring 16 a game who had scored over 20 a game the previous 4 seasons should have brought back more than what amounted to 2 warm bodies

2/24/2005 - traded Kenny Thomas, Corliss Williamson (Big Nasty!), and Brian Skinner for Chris Webber, Michael Bradley, and Matt Barnes.  Now Chris Webber was still a big name at the time but anyone who watched him at this point in his career knew his knees were shot and he was basically a bad jump shooter and ok rebounder.  He also did this at the cost of the teams depth.  The sixers basically had 6 players after this deal, doom to a fading Iverson and already faded Webber.

8/5/2004 - traded Derrick Coleman for Corliss Williamson.  This wasn't his worst deal, but still not a good one.  Coleman was old but could still contribute.  Williamson was basically a one dimensional player off of the bench.

7/21/2004 - traded Eric Snow for Kevin Ollie and Kedrick Brown.  Now, Eric Snow sucks, he probaly is the worst point guard to ever start for a finals team but Kevin Ollie is worse, a career backup at best.

7/24/2003 - traded Keith Van Horn for what ended up being Glen Robinson.  On paper, this looked like a good deal but they basically ended up trading a younger player who was still productive for a guy who got old real quick.  If you look at the trade above, they basically gave up Keith Van Horn for Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rodgers.  KVH was still productve that season.

12/19/2002 - probably the only other good trade by King, he traded Art Long, Mark Bryant, and first rounder for Kenny Thomas.  A home run?  No.  But when  you give up a first rounder for Kenny Thomas and its a brightspot on your resume, you probably suck as a GM.

8/7/2002 - traded Dikembe Mutombo for Keith Van Horn.  Another deal where he traded someone who was going to be productive for another year or two for someone who is clearly not as good of a player.  Mutombo helped them get to the finals behind stout defense.  The nets traded KVH after he got bitched repeatedly in the finals for being soft.  Sounds like a guy I want!

6/27/2002 - traded Speedy Claxton for Mark Bryant.  Speedy, although a glorious Pitt alum, was a bust for the 76ers as a first rounder but he was better than Mark Bryant.

All in all, a HORRIBLE track record.  Glad the Nets got this guy to run a team that has one star, maybe two if Devin Harris is all the way back this year.

Some funny things about the new Nets owner like...doesn't he sound like Hans Gruber?...and where exactly is he when he's sending this message, grandma's house?  Look at the weird stuff in the background: