Last night Jim Thome put himself into a very prestigous and historical club that only seven other people had the credentials to be in-- the 600 Home Run Club.

Not only is it a great accomplishment, but Thome is a "good guy", persay, and was loved by every baseball fan out there. Not to mention, he is most likely one of the very few natural guys to do it.

Although Thome spent just two and a half seaosns with the Phillies, he hit over 40 home runs in each full season. But not only that, the first coach Thome thanked in the press conference was who but Charlie Manuel.

Thome spoke of him in great words stating, "He's been my guy [for] a long time," then he later stated, "He believed in me... He really believed in the fact that I could be a good player."

But to top it all off was when Thome said Manuel was "like a dad" to him.

It is great that Thome finally reached this great milestone and entering the history books like this, he will most certainly be entering the Hall of Fame down the road.

Fun Fact: Jim Thome is the only member of the 600 HR Club to hit home run number 599 and 600 in back-to-back hits.