Jimmy Rollins is clearly still an elite defender.  One thing he is not, is an elite leadoff man.  I mean, he really hasn't had leadoff man numbers...ever.  However, we used to put up with it because of the power at the top.  Now, his lines look bad.

Jimmy, a career .273 hitter, hasn't hit that high since 2008 when he hit .277.  He hit .250 last year and is hitting .247 this year.  He's averaged 21 home runs a year over the last 4 years, a number pulled down by his 2008, when he only played in 137 games.  This year?  He has 6 and is on track for 8.  Yes, I know, he's missed time this year too.  However, over a 162 game season, Jimmy would only hit 12 or 13 this year.

For a guy with a career .329 OBP, it's time to move him out of the mismatched leadoff spot.