Roy Halladay...the beast...the best.  At least in wins since 1982.  Roy has 20 wins on the season or 8 more than any other Phillie last year.

Was it his best start?  No.  Clearly he has worn down some but 9 baserunners in 7 innings is still a very solid start from the good doctor.  Madson and Lidge looked good too getting their 14th hold and 25th save respectively.  Madson looked especially good.  You could hear his 95 mph heater pop in the mitt in our seats all the way up the third base line.

The hitting was good tonight too.  They threatened all night.  5 Phils had at least 2 hits, including the offensive star, Jayson Werth, who sent a 3rd inning Mike Minor pitch into the seats for a 3 run homer.  Cox removed him just in time as the Phils were on his stuff all night.  Werth continues his contract push, reaching base 3 times, aided by the little devil standing on his shoulder, a devil by the name of Scott Boras.

There are still 10 games left but the division feels like it is wrapped up.  A 5 game lead with 10 to go equates to a magic number of 6 for the division.  Even if San Diego wins tonight, the magic number for the playoffs is 5.  Roy Oswalt looks to stick a fork in the Braves Tommy Hanson looks to save the sweep at 7:05.

The "redman" streaker from Monday nights game: