So, with the pain of Pat Burrell winning another ring hopefully starting to fade (he went hitless giving him a total of 1 hit in 10 world series starts - he was benched for Game 4), here is a look at who is no longer under contract as a Phillie.

Jayson Werth: While I remained hopefull that Werth would give precedence to winning over an over-bloated contract (he easily could get both with the Red Sox), the news that he is a Scott Boras client now means one thing: forget any sort of hometown discount.  Boras will try and get him a Matt Holiday (7 years, over 100 million) type deal when most teams would rather go Jason Bay (4 years, 64 million).  Werth is already 31.  He probably has 2 more peak seasons in him tops.  I just can't imagine a team like the Red Sox not going after him hard, especially when his defense would be amplified in playing in a smaller space in Fenway.  I'd say, under 50% chance he comes back.

Mike Sweeney: The forgotten man who got his first taste of pennat fever, whether he comes back or not will largely depend if he's become the new Kenny Lofton, a guy who can get a decent one year deal with a bad team knowing he'll be traded to a contender.  I'd put the odds at 50% if he's willing to accept a bench role, 10% if not.

Greg Dobbs: This might be more of a question if the Phils want him back.  I doubt he wants to come back to be a bench piece when a team like the Astros will probably give him starter money.  He hasn't been good since 2008.  15% chance he comes back.

Jamie Moyer: This guy is old as dirt.  He's also coming off surgery and a successful campaign, albiet a short one.  I'm sure a team like the Pirates would love to get a guy like this to show the young guns how its done.  I'm also sure Jamie would like a 2 year deal so he can attempt to get to 300 wins.  Odds of him coming back as anything other than a coach, 10%.

Jose Contreras: Jose was great in his first full season as relief pitcher.  I think the Phils would love him back but with a thin bullpen market and an even thinner closer market, I could see a team like the Rays taking a shot at a cheper than 7 million a year guy to close out games.  Chances he comes back: 30%.

J.C. Romero: I wrote an entire article last week about him so I'll just reiterate this one point: he was horrible as his WHIP was over 1.5.  Someone will take a chance, again maybe a team like the Rockies who are looking for a cheap lotto ticket will go for him.  Chances he comes back: 5%.

Chad Durbin:  Had a rough one inning pitched in the NLCS.  He seemed to come through all season with runners on base and in a jam.  I'm thinking he's the most likely guy to come back on this list: 75%

The Phils will most likely go after a utility infielder since who knows if Wilson Valdez can repeat his year at the plate and a left specialist that was never found to replace Scott Eyre.

Safe to say he's a better point guard than dancer: