With it being the off season and the Phillies not making many moves as of late, I thought it'd be a good idea to start this, our favorite Phillies moments of all time. For me personally I love watching old clips of the Phightins and baseball in general. Now while it is hard to find good videos of old Phillies teams, I was able to find this gem.

We all know the story of the late 90's, dreadful, sad, embarrassing times as a Phils fan. But in 1998 the Phillies created one of the most wild moments in the history of the franchise and one of my favorite games of all time. It was June 16th and the Phils were facing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Early in the game Scott Rolen who at the time was the Phils franchise player, was ejected by then rookie ump Greg Gibson, Terry Francona who was the Phillies manager back then was also ejected. The Phils trailed 7-1 in the 9th and it looked like just another one of those typical late 90's games. Until something unbelievable happened. The Phils started an incredible comeback and it ended with a walk off 3 run shot by Mike Lieberthal.

Lieby was a fan favorite in Philly and this game was a big reason why. Now unfortunately MLB.com didn't give us Harry's call of this shot which was in my opinion one of his best calls, but at least you can watch one of the small glimpses of magic from those late 90's teams. I know those times aren't the best to think about, but these moments provided at least a little smile from the Phils fans who stayed loyal during those tough times and were able to see a game like this.

Here's the homer