The Devils were crap this entire series.  They only showed up for the first three games of this series and summarily crapped the bed the last 2.  I won't go into details as it just sucks when a team ends their season with an ass kicking like this on their home ice.  They scored 9 goals total in 5 games in the series and one of them was an empty netter.  Take that away, and Broduer would have to have shut out the Flyers almost every game to win this series.  The trade for Ilya Kovalchuk did nothing for them as he was a basically a playoff virgin and looked lost most of the time.  They also went 2-9 against the Flyers on the whole this season.  This was a bad matchup from the start.  The Flyers will likely go on to get pounded by the Capitals in the next round.