With the Phillies magic number to clinch National League East down to 1 after tonight, the Phillies are in position to rest starters and use the minors to help give key players rest. Reliever Justin De Fratus was called up along with right fielder Domonic Brown. The Phils also selected the contracts of Joe Savery a former first round pick, catcher Erik Kratz, and outfielder Brandon Moss. The Phils bullpen needs some relief, especially guys like Antonio Bastardo who after looking unbeatable for most of the season has hit a bump in the road and just doesn't look like the same pitcher we've seen all year. Joe Savery who has had a strange minor league career, but ever since his move to the bullpen this year he's done a great job for the Iron Pigs in their playoff run. De Fratus had 15 saves with the Iron Pigs and is one of the Phillies top prospects. Brandon Moss is basically here to give players rest. Dom....well...um....not really sure why he's up here. He's struggled in AAA, he should have been left alone, let him get his head on straight, instead they do this. Doesn't make much sense to me.

The Phils can clinch the NL East tonight with either a Braves loss or a Phillies win, now while this might not seem like a big deal because it's become a given that they're gonna win the East. But the fact that we're gonna win our 5th straight NL East title, it's a great accomplishment that will be extra special for Hunter Pence who hasn't experienced this in his career. This is only one step toward the ultimate goal for this incredible team. The talent and the fire this team has is something that I don't think any of us have seen in our entire lives. This season has been something special, and one can only hope it ends in a parade down Broad Street. LET'S GO PHILS! And for today, LET'S GO METS! *vomits*