Three big events for the Pitt Panthers this week:

  • Panthers basketball team wins the 2k sports coaches vs. cancer classic (you can donate here).  Although Pitt showed an alarming trend of building big leads and very quickly letting them slip away, they showed the resolve you would expect from a team lead by upper classmen.  The word of the year will be depth.  I have a hard time believe Travon Woodall (backup PG), Talib Zanna (PF), and JJ Moore wouldn't be starting for most Big East teams.  With the sharpshooting of Ashton Gibbs and the playmaking of Brad Wannamaker, this is a going to be a team that lives and dies by its guards this year.  The interior guys are only going to be defense, defense, defense...unless Dante Taylor decides to live up to his McDonald's All-American ability.
  • Pitt football team becomes bowl eligible.  Although this wasn't really a must win, it takes a lot of pressure off a team that is trying to get back to the BCS.  The fact of the matter is that WVU and Cincy are going to be close games and missing a bowl game would set the program back.  The team played sloppy.  The way the defense played, this game should easily have been a 3 td victory.  But they got the win and will have a chance to avenge the losing streak to the Mountaneers and they get them at home.  The place will be rocking and a win by the Panthers puts them in a great spot to be a sacrificial lamb to a Big 6 conference big boy.
  • Khem Birch is coming early.  Birch, probably the biggest recruit in the HISTORY of the Pitt basketball, has decided to forgo prep school and come to PITT a year early.  This is great news...except that Pitt is now 2 scholarships over the limit.  Someone...make that two someones are going to have to go.  If the Canadian Dirk Nowitzki decides to come to your school a year early (mabye he'll stay 2 years...nah) then you have to take him.  Hope this doesn't cost Jamie's reputation.

The aformentioned Khem Birch: