Man, was this vintage Cole Hamels.  His 11th win of the season might have been his best.

Despite throwing 127 pitches in under 7 innings, Cole struck out a lucky 13 batters.  The 201 k's is a career high.  His K/9 is over 9 for the first time since his rookie year.  The long haired fellow is just humming along.  He drops his ERA to 3.01 but the scoreless inning streak went all the way up to 25.  Durbin (14th hold), Madson (12th hold), and Lidge (22nd save) closed the door.

The offense should have given Hamels more breathing room tonight.  They drew TEN walks and wasted them by going 0-11 with runners in scoring position.  Shane did his best to set the table, however, going 2 for 4 with a walk and his 32 stolen base.  He's having quite the year.

For the first time since May, the Phils have a mulitple game lead on the division.  You have to like the chances for a sweep with Halladay going tomorrow against the Fish.  The Braves send rookie Mike Minor against the Nationals.  A 3 game lead with 14 games left would put them in great position to win their 4th straight division title.

As for Jimmy Rollins...the news isn't good.  His hamstring strain will likely keep him sidelined for the remainder of the regular season.  You have to wonder how effective he'll be in the postseason as a rusty hitter.