The English Premier League winter transfer window has come and gone.  Chelsea has slipped fully ten points behind league leader Manchester United. Arsenal and Manchester City also stand in the way of Chelsea's dreams of repeating. 

Roman Abramovich left little to chance by allowing a downtrodden Chelsea to pick up two of the best players available this time.  He dropped a staggering 50M GBP to secure the often injured Fernando Torres and then an additional 25M GBP to land the Brazilian defender David Luiz. 

Yes, it gives Chelsea this theoretical dream of Drogba and Torres upfront but it hardly seems the match made in heaven that so many Chelsea fans crave. Their styles are different and there are going to be a lot of frustrated players wanting the ball on this squad. 

Roman did what any owner with almost infinite resources does. He went out and bought great players. Do I fault him for landing these players? No, but I fault this style of management.  Chelsea lost 70M GBP last season, while winning the EPL and the FA Cup. Now their payroll has ballooned again and they are 10 points back.  There is going to come a day in the near future where Chelsea is trailing late in the game and they just offer a fantastic sum of money to get a penalty kick for Drogba to bury to tie a game and salvage a point.

Chelsea is becoming a uniform, not players. Of course we think of Drogba, Cech and Terry as Chelsea men but the rest of the players almost seem expendable.  If they have a bad game, sit them. 

The other criticism surrounding the transfer window was the 35M GBP paid for Andy Carroll.  Andy Carroll is hands down the best player in England with a pony tail.  He strikes well and is commanding on the field. He carried the lowely Newcastle faithful and will be more successful with his new club, despite losing Torres up front with him.

Well the end of the season should be entertaining, only time will tell how wise an expenditure Torres was.