Roy Oswalt did it all last night.  He was a stud on the mound and his crazy baserunning lead to the Giants coming unglued.

Besides one mistake into a zone that all Phillies pitchers should avoid (Cody Ross, low inside fastball) Roy was great allowing only 6 total baserunners over 8 innings.  He struck out  9 and his fastball had tons of zip on it.  Madson came in and struggled a bit but ultimately got out unscathed.  This is why 3 aces are so important.  Your first stud struggles?  Bring out the next one.  Now the series is even and Cole is ready to go.

At the plate, Jimmy Rollins showed signs of life, including what is becoming an all too routine clutch extra base hit to right center (eerily similar spot to the walk off against Broxton in last years NLCS).  His 2 for 4 performance raised his average to .284 in the postseason, showing why we all over-reacted to the small sample size.  Now the first hit was cheap as it was an infield fly that Fontenot should have had all the way, but his first inning walk was rare patience shown by Jimmy.  All in all, Jimmy became the first shorstop in major league history with 2 playoff games where he had 4 RBI. 

This is the time when Cole is gotta come to play.  A 4pm start sucks but its even worse for those in San Fran, a 1 pm start time!  I have a good feeling about hitting Matt Cain.  The Phils can take a 2-1 lead and feel safe starting Blanton in game 4.

This might be the most vicious hit I've ever seen: