First, to Game 5: Halladay is just a beast.  How can anyone with a pulled groin repeat a motion over 100 times that directly affect that area?  You could tell something was wrong because he wasn't his typical self.  But he battled, got through the game with a lead, and did his job.  The bullpen looked great as well.  Contreras, Madson, and Lidge never looked to be in trouble.  Makes you second guess using Oswalt over Lidge the other night again.

The, someone needs to wake the sticks up.  They only had 9 baserunners on the night but it would have been nice if we could score some runs unassited by errors.  The one bright light to possibly come out of this game was the 2 hits by Raul.  Neither were smoked but sometimes a bloop and seeing eye single is all it takes.  If there were a time for one of these guys to go on a tear, now is it.  Polanco and Howard are the only 2 guys even hitting over .250 for the series.

This brings us to tonight.  Sanchez and Oswalt.  Hopefully pitching the other night doesn't effect Oswalt because if we ever needed a shutdown performance, this is it.  I feel like the Giants really blew a golden chance the other night.  At home, chance to go to the World Series for the first time in 8 years, 2 time Cy Young award winner in his prime on the mound, our ace hurt.  But that can all be erased if the Phils don't punish Sanchez for being wild tonight.  I have no doubt that if we can get the ball to Cole Hamels tomorrow night, we're going to the World Series.

A bigger question for tonight is if Ibanez starts against the left.  7:57...lets hope its not the final Phils game of the year.

The funny thing about this video is not Charlie's bumbling, but how Werth looks like that professor that everyone had in college that you knew would get ripped before class started: