Today, Joey Votto won the NL MVP award.  27 total players received votes, with 4 Phillies among the top 17

  • Roy Halladay finished 5th
  • Jayson Werth finished 7th
  • Ryan Howard finished 9th
  • Carlos Ruiz finished 16th, including garnering a 5th place vote

Here are my thoughts.  That is about right for Halladay.  Its tough to win an mvp award as a pitcher when you only get to play every 5th day.  Werth finished right ahead of Martin Prado but Prado probably should have been at least 6th.  He not only played 3 positions for the Braves (2nd, 3rd, and 1st) but this jack knife like defensive ability allowed him to shift to third when the team acquired Derek Lee.  The team also tanked after he got knocked out for the year.  Ryan Howard at 9th is an ode to what he would have accomplished had he not gotten hurt.  The names below him: Matt Holiday, Scott Rolen, Buster Posey...none of those guys are as scary at the plate as Howard...when he actually swings (no, I'm not letting strike three looking to end our season go).  Lastly, Ruiz.  My guess is he got the votes of the Philly writers.  Anyone who watched him really knows his true value.  Good for him getting some recognition.

Blake Griffin is just ridiculous: